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Romance Anónimo[Music Box]:download

Romance Anónimo[Music Box]

Romance Anónimo[Music Box]-play

Music box arrangement of the song that became the theme song of the movie "Forbidden Play".

category: [Long song] [folk song] [healing system] [music box]

Amazing Grace[Music Box]:download

Amazing Grace[Music Box]

Amazing Grace[Music Box]-play

Folk songs of England and Scotland.Whenever an accident, disaster, or something unfortunate happens in America, the hymn song that everyone hears over and over again in America is "Amazing Grace". Grace.

category: [Long song] [folk song] [nursery rhyme] [music box]

Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping)[Music Box]:download

Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping)[Music Box]

Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping)[Music Box]-play

"Frère Jacques" is an old French folk song and nursery rhyme that has been handed down since the 17th century. The meaning of the song title is "Brother Jack". "Frère" here refers to a monk or believer who belongs to the same religious denomination, not to a family-related brother/brother. The lyrics portray a monk Jack, still asleep, to ring the morning bell in the church.

category: [Long song] [folk song] [nursery rhyme] [music box]

Acorn Boy[Music Box]:download

Acorn Boy[Music Box]

Acorn Boy[Music Box]-play

"Acorn Gorokoro" is a broad-sense nursery rhyme made in the Taisho era. The lyrics are written by Akiyoshi Aoki (1879-1935), and the music is defined by Tadada (1885-1959). A so-called contemporary work of Shichigoka.

category: [Long song] [nursery rhyme] [music box]

Notification sound 37[Music Box]:download

Notification sound 37[Music Box]

Notification sound 37[Music Box]-play

It is a music box-like soothing notification sound.

category: [Notification sound] [simple]

Chopin-A splendid Great Circle Dance in E-flat major, Op. 18[Music Box]:download

Chopin-A splendid Great Circle Dance in E-flat major, Op. 18[Music Box]

Chopin-A splendid Great Circle Dance in E-flat major, Op. 18[Music Box]-play

Well known as the "Grande Valse Brillante", this is the first Waltz ever published for Chopin. It is considered that the autograph was added by the publisher because "Grand" is not attached to the autograph. Published one after another in 1834 in Paris, Leipzig, and London, the popularity of Waltz as Butoh is related to its popularity. Especially in Paris, the status of waltz was rapidly improving with the introduction of waltz to the ball at the Opera in 1834.

category: [Long song] [Classical music]

We wish you a Merry Christmas[Music Box]:download

We wish you a Merry Christmas[Music Box]

We wish you a Merry Christmas[Music Box]-play

Carol originated in the western part of England in the 16th century. The origin of Christmas carols is in the wealthy people of England. It seems that the origin was that we prepared figurine pudding similar to Christmas pudding and sang Carol on Christmas Eve day.

category: [Long song]

We wish you a Merry Christmas short.ver[Music Box]:download

We wish you a Merry Christmas short.ver[Music Box]

We wish you a Merry Christmas short.ver[Music Box]-play

"I wish you a happy Christmas," but it means "Happy Christmas!".It is said to have originated in the western part of England in the 16th century. This song also shows that the wealthy in England at that time prepared Christmas puddings to celebrate Christmas.

category: [Notification sound]

Silent Night[Music Box]:download

Silent Night[Music Box]

Silent Night[Music Box]-play

Written around 1816 by Father Joseph Mall of the Church of St. Nicholas in Austria (the Nicola-Kirche). "Stille Nacht" in German. On the day of Christmas Eve 1818, Father Joseph Malle handed his poem to Franz Gruber, a church-owned organist and Arnsdorf school teacher. He was asked to add a melody and accompaniment to the guitar, and it is said that the present melody was born.

category: [Long song] [nursery rhyme] [music Box] [Christmas]

My Grandfather's Clock[Music Box]Long ver:download

My Grandfather's Clock[Music Box]Long ver

My Grandfather's Clock[Music Box]Long ver-play

The original song is a song written and composed by an American called Henry Clay Work in 1876. It is said that Henry sang the song while he was visiting Britain, inspired by an episode heard from the owner of the hotel where he stayed. The watch, which watched over his grandfather's life, ends his role with his death, and the lyrics loved in Japan reproduce the original song almost faithfully.


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