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All ringtones can be downloaded in mp3 or m4r format.
In addition to classical music and sound effects, we also recommend unusual ringtones such as ringtones and healing ringtones.


Cool Synth Loop Sounds is a mesmerizing long musical composition featuring mesmerizing synth glissando performances. The flowing gliding sound unique to a synthesizer creates a uniquely cool atmosphere,making it ideal for various uses such as alarm sounds. A synth glissando adds modernity and sophistication to the loop,accentuating its edgy and stylish character. The seamless flow of sound creates a mesmerizing and immersive experience that is sure to capture the listeners attention. “Cool Synth Loop Sounds” can act as trendy alarm tones that attract attention and wake you up with cool and effective sounds. In addition,it can also be used as his background music for various media projects,adding a modern and chic element to your videos,presentations and even parties. Let the hypnotic and dynamic flow of synth glissando create an energetic atmosphere around you. Whether you use it as an alarm tone to kick-start your day or incorporate it into your creative projects,“cool synth loop sounds” will leave a lasting impression on whoever hears it. Embrace the coolness and uniqueness of this synth loop and immerse yourself in its mesmerizing soundscapes.

Step into a world of coolness and power with LOOP41,a long film featuring captivating and cool themes. This music is perfect for those who like digital music and want unique and stylish phone ringtones. LOOP41 has both magnificence and strength in a calm atmosphere. The arrangement creates a cool and sophisticated atmosphere,making it perfect for notification sounds and alarms. Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of LOOP41. Cool and powerful themes take you into the realm of digital elegance,making every ringtone an expression of style and sophistication. Experience the coolness and power of LOOP41. Enhance your hearing experience with this mesmerizing long tune and let it shine as your phone ringtone or notification tone. Stay connected with a touch of digital elegance and spend every moment with the cool and powerful vibe of LOOP41.

What's New

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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Timer for Short Fat-Burning Workouts:Smart phone ringtoneHigh-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Timer for Short Fat-Burning Workouts
10-Second Countdown Beep Sound (with Reverb):Smart phone ringtone10-Second Countdown Beep Sound (with Reverb)
10-Second Countdown Beep Sound:Smart phone ringtone10-Second Countdown Beep Sound
Air Horn:Smart phone ringtoneAir Horn

Ringtone category

ringtones Long song

A ringtone from 21 seconds to 40 seconds. It is easy to use for incoming calls and alarm sounds. There are many BGM mainly.

Phone sound ringtones

Generally easy-to-use sound without habit. There are analog and digital phone sounds. A ring tone that simply repeats the sound.

mail ringtones

This is the perfect sound for receiving SMS and emails such as transparent ones and cute notification sounds.

simple ringtones

Created with the aim of simple is best. Don't be shy if you have an incoming call during a business talk! It's a ringtone that doesn't get tired with a rather orthodox feel. Sound perfect for business scene. Don't be ashamed if someone asks you! ? There are also silence, nostalgic ringtones, and black phones.


Alarm sounds such as beeping warnings and warning sounds for dangerous situations such as buzzers and sirens. It is a convenient alarm sound as a schedule alarm.

Alarm sound

Promising a comfortable wakeup⁉ Various wake-up sounds. There are various sounds from analog clocks and digital clocks to birds and noisy noise systems. It is the perfect alarm sound to use your smartphone as an alarm clock.

Notification sound ringtones

There are sound effect materials that can be used for video and games. In addition, sound effects such as button sounds and system sounds that can be used on PCs are also distributed. It is interesting to set it as a smartphone ringtone.

Voice ringtones

You will be notified of mail and incoming calls in various voices of men and women. Mainly sounds emitted by humans. The ringtone of a person's voice might be good, for example, if you are tired of the electronic sound.

Classical music ringtones

Classical music ringtones by famous composers such as Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart. A timeless ringtone that does not depend on fashion. We also distribute classical music arranged with various instruments. The music that is installed in the ringtones of Garakae is so major that it was installed from the beginning.

Stories ringtones

If you want people around you to rush when you have an incoming call, this ringtone is the best! Invite people around to laugh with impactful and interesting sounds.

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